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    Reavus' Illustrious List of Death Knight Bugs


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    Reavus' Illustrious List of Death Knight Bugs

    Post by Reavus on Sun Feb 16, 2014 10:32 pm

    Reavus' Illustrious List of Death Knight Bugs

    (!) = High priority.
    (?) = Not tested thoroughly.

    SPELL: Raise Dead doesn't do anything. (?)
    SPELL: Blood Boil doesn't do anything.
    SPELL: Rime is procced by pretty much any spell.
    SPELL: Soul Reaper's (all specializations) 5 second end effect deals no damage.
    SPELL: Howling Blast does less than tooltip damage.
    SPELL: Death Grip has a small chance to crash the affected target and also to teleport the affected target away for a few seconds. (?)
    SPELL: Scent of Blood doesn't increase the damage or healing of Death Strike and the effect doesn't dissipate when Death Strike is used.
    SPELL: Army of the Dead doesn't summon anything.
    SPELL: Pillar of Frost freezes the player in place, even without Glyph of Pillar of Frost being active.

    TALENT: Anti-Magic Zone doesn't do anything.
    TALENT: Death Siphon does less than tooltip damage.
    TALENT: Plague Leech doesn't do anything.

    GLYPH: Glyph of Corpse Explosion doesn't teach you Corpse Explosion.
    GLYPH: Glyph of Foul Menagerie has no effect.
    GLYPH: Glyph of Horn of Winter has no effect.
    GLYPH: Glyph of Death and Decay doesn't slow enemies.
    GLYPH: Glyph of Death's Embrace applies to players as well. (!)

    MISC: Changing presence doesn't remove any runic power.
    MISC: Doesn't know Runeforging.
    MISC: Cannot activate usable trinkets. (?)

    Fixed List:

    MISC: Doesn't know any languages.
    MISC: Cannot equip plate armor.
    MISC: Cannot equip mail armor.
    MISC: Cannot equip leather armor.
    MISC: Cannot equip two-handed maces.
    MISC: Cannot equip one-handed maces.
    MISC: Cannot equip cloth armor.
    TALENT: Blood Tap has no charge requirement and you can't even gain charges. (!)
    TALENT: Conversion doesn't drain any runic power and doesn't end when runic power is exhausted. (!)
    TALENT: Purgatory is absorbing all damage, all the time. (!)
    TALENT: Chilblains' immobilization effect doesn't work.
    TALENT: Unholy Blight doesn't do anything.
    TALENT: Remorseless Winter's fifth application doesn't stun at all.
    TALENT: Gorefiend's Grasp doesn't do anything.
    TALENT: Runic Corruption doesn't proc.
    TALENT: Runic Empowerment doesn't proc.
    SPELL: Frost Fever does less than tooltip damage.
    SPELL: Blood Plague does less than tooltip damage.

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