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    Warlock Issues


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    Warlock Issues

    Post by Valtruin on Sun Feb 16, 2014 5:55 pm


    Burning Embers not properly generating. Priority Level:4 (Makes character not properly viable in Destruction spec)
    Not generating passive ember in combat, not generating at all with Immolate, Rain of Fire, and Incinerate.

    Havoc does not properly apply. Priority Level: 1-2
    Spell is applying to caster, not target.

    Lack of Pet Control. Priority Level: 1-2
    Pet auto attacks even in passive, requires direct control to get them to stop attacking in order to bring you out of combat.

    Grimoire of Sacrifice only lasts 15 minutes, should last 1 hour. Priority Level: 1-2

    Dark Bargain does not work properly. Priority Level: 1-2
    Should prevent all damage for 8 seconds.

    Create Healthstone does not create a healthstone. Priority Level: 1-2

    Soulwell does not generate healthstones. Priority Level: 1-2

    Fear doesn't work. Low priority

    Rain of Fire doesn't work. Low Priority

    Fire and Brimstone stays active as a permanent. Not good. High Priority

    Demonic Gateway casts but applies no gateway. Low Priority

    Flame of Xoroth casts, uses ember, does not revive pet. Low Priority

    Soul Shatter does not cast. Low Priority

    Burning Rush does not remove health when used. Low Priority

    Shadowburn low on damage, about 25%. Low Priority

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