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    Druid Bugs


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    Druid Bugs

    Post by Sindue on Sun Feb 16, 2014 5:31 pm

    Spell: Stampeding Roar
    Description: Doesn't cast when clicked on.
    Priority: 3

    Spell: Prowl
    Description: Not working as intended. When used in human form you're supposed to turn into cat form and go into stealth. Instead you go into stealth as human form.
    Priority: 3

    Spell: Typhoon(Talent)
    Description: Not able to pick it as a talent.
    Priority: 4

    Spell: Might of Ursoc
    Description: Increases the maximum health as intended but doesn't heal at all. Also doesn't activate Bear Form.
    Priority: 4

    Spell: Rake
    Description: Both instant damage and bleed damage only deals 119 per tick.
    Priority: 4

    Spell: Symbiosis
    Description: Doesn't give you a spell from the target's class when cast.
    Priority: 3

    Spell: Force of Nature(talent)
    Description: Does not summon trees/no effect.
    Priority: 3

    Spell: Nature's Swiftness(talent)
    Description: Not able to pick as talent.
    Priority: 4

    Spell: Ursol's Vortex(talent)
    Description: Doesn't launch the enemy back into the vortex.
    Priority: 2

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